Worship System 祟拜點名系統

Church App

Need an application to connect your members? Get a mobile application designed for churches/Christian institutions/religious groups for communitcating with church members, hold worships and events, send messages, etc. Professional apps development consulting, UXUI design and production, delivering a seamless user experience when it comes to publishing, accessing, viewing and sharing digital documents, records, reports on multiple devices.

Our Team provides:

App Production

App Consultation

App UXUI design


Design concepts

Professional IT supports

Apps for All devices

Mobile Android


Mobile iPhone










APP Development Process

1. Consultation

Before production, meetings will be arranged for understanding your church structures, setting scopes for the app, and providing professional IT advices。

2. APP Design

A visual representation of the user experience and user interface will be outlined, such as number of windows, buttons, concepts, color schemes, everything related to the front-end, ensuring it represents the church。

3. APP Production

Once the interface outline is confirmed, our team will start create the application designs.

4. APP Test

To ensure there is no bug in the app and working as expected, a functional test and memory test will be done.

5. APP Upload

We will upload the application on App Store and Google Play Store. It will take time since most of the apps are reviewed before they are published。

6. App Supports

If there is any bug in the app in the future, we will provide professional IT supports.

7. App Reports

You could download and review any reports of the app, such as download reports, usage reports, etc.

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